Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Eylem Sakir

Global Woman TV ???? Show comes live from Global Woman Summit 2019 with 5 international interviews!

Our special guests in tonight’s show come from different countries of the world like Stockholm, Cyprus, Germany etc

Mirela Sula interviews Claudia Adler based in Stockholm, the Founder of Wing Program which on the 13th September is holding a big conference and it’s aim is to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs! Mirela Sula the Founder of Global Woman is a Keynote speaker at this big conference and Global Woman is a Media Partner!

Nadia Boerch is interviewing Eylem Sakir from Cyprus an advocate and property expert who shares with us her passion on property and how to gain financial freedom! Her mesages and advice are very powerful on how she created her dream life!

Stella Bida comes live with another powerful interview with Jennifer Abel who just stepped off the stage! She shares with us her story on how she started her journey and some valuable life lessons.

Live with Shuntella Richardson and her special guest, the only men in tonight’s show Arno Muller from Germany, an expert on how to have a book quicky done! His hint is “ Never be afraid of big names”

And the last guest in tonight’s show is an inspirational speaker from Kim Kiyosaki Team Lisa Lannon who is interviewed from Giovana Vega. She shares with us how having your own passion is a tool that keeps you moving forward and Lisa has it an internal drive! The tips she shares with us are a great help for entrepreneurs to apply on their businesses!

Enjoy these interviews full of inspirational messages to learn more and don’t forget to join us from FRANKFURT on the 14th August to Albania on 1st – 2nd September! ‼️Use the link to book the ticket for Albania!

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