Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Julia Barry

Global Woman TV ShOW surprises us with very special guests this time in the BBC Studio Of Global Woman Club Media POWER and Media World! Mirela Sula and The BBC journalists give some feedback on how the participants can get the confidence level to turn them into Media Stars by trying to keep the atmosphere nice, light, and pleasant and giving encouragement. #JuliaBarry says that the feedback is as important as their story is, while Lisa Hempel who is a general reporter in BBC shares her long inspiring journey from the very start to being a famous BBC journalist. She also shares the challenges of being a journalist and a mother and finding the work -family balance.

”Women understand women” ⚡️Talking about emotions and how women deal with their emotions is the final word of this amazing show! ⚡️ ????Join us in the biggest event of the year in Global Woman Summit 2019 on 13th-14th July in London because besides all other famous speakers we have an interesting line up of BBC journalists!

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