Global Woman Show with Ellen Bjerkehag – Interview with Tonny Robbins

On air from the Global Woman Summit 2019 with the Director of Global Woman Club Stockholm Ellen Bierkenhag interviewing a very good supporter of Global Woman & a very good friend of Mirela, how they all call the “Tonny Robbins” of Albania, the millionaire Vasil Naci! He was part of the millionaire man panel in Global Woman Summit 2019 ????Find your values and get your life aligned with business, family and life is his overall message “This community brings life to life” this is what Global Woman means for him. ‼️We have an exciting news for you‼️

✔️We are so happy to announce that many global women entrepreneurs are making their first ever visit to Albania especially to speak at the THE GLOBAL WOMAN BUSINESS CONFERENCE IN TIRANA

✔️Monday-Tuesday 2-3 September 2019

Plaza Hotel, 9.00-18.00????

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