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Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Ichel Heerschop-Cecilia

Global Woman Talk Show comes this time with an #inspiringconversation with our special guest Ichel Heerschop ! She is the founder of “Business Mom International”, a company based in Holland that teaches mothers how to pursue their passion and use their talents to grow and flourish in their business and personal lives. By empowering mothers […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Monique Dekker

“If you could not lead yourself, you can’t lead others” An amazing interview just before the New Year in #GlobalWomanTalkShow! Monique Dekker the owner of “Total Presence Academy is a very special woman, an expert in leadership and her life has been an incredible journey. She travelled from Holland to share with us her life […]

Global Woman Show with Ellen Bjerkehag – Interview with Marie Wetterstrand

Global Woman Show with Ellen Bjerkehag and her special guest Marie Wetterstrand – Founder of Way2Grow. She is a Certified Coach and Mentor based in Stockholm, Sweden. Marie specialises in high-performance quality leadership education. She has more than 20 years of leadership experience and has worked with both national and international companies. ✅Are you interested […]

Global Woman Show with Stella Bida – Interview with Jennifer Abel

Stella Bida comes live with another powerful interview with Jennifer Abel who just stepped off the stage! She shares with us her story on how she started her journey and some valuable life lessons. Listen to the interview and “Live from the inside out” as Jennifer says. She shares 4 core tips for Global Woman. […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Special guests

????☀️2018 has been super #busy traveling around the #world and very proud to be in 24 #countries with hundreds of successful #events, #books published, different #interviews in the one and only TV Show dedicated #exclusively for women and our #leaders of the clubs around the #world ???? #GlobalWomanTalkShow, 3 successful magazines Global Woman Magazine Global Man Magazine, London Business […]

Global Woman Show with Karmin Meckael – Interview with Miranda Davidson and Michelle Scott Wilson

This is a special episode of Global Woman Talk Show with Karmin Meckael the Director of Global Woman Club London interviewing Miranda Davidson and Michelle Scott Wilson. Miranda Davidson grew up in a modest American family in the Mid West. Now, after over 20 years of learning by trial and error, with both heartaches and […]

Global Woman Show with Shuntella Richardson – Interview with Michael Mathews

Global Woman Summit was an improvised studio for interviews with different celebrities that stepped off the stage directly to our studio to share with us their words of wisdom! Shuntella Richardson is interviewing live in Global Woman Summit 2019 an important man in the financial world, Michael Mathews He shares with us what he just […]

Global Woman Talk Show

Welcome again for another Show with Global Woman – We hope you are enjoying your weekend and here we share some inspiring conversation with our special guest: Hannah O, John Demartini, Louisa Zhoe, Giovana Vega and Ellen Bjerkehag. We look forward to hear from you and receive your comments Learn more about us at:

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Keith Doyle

Giovana Vega – Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam interview Keith Doyle, the broadcast journalist for BBC. He shared with us his expertise in distilling complex issues and stories to make them interesting and accessible to target audiences.