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Welcome to our global community that has already reached 19 cities in 14 countries with Global Woman Club. At this time last year, we had only one club in London and in only one year we have built a global community of women in business. In one year we have grown and spread the word but the foundation of Global Woman Club started from one source, the source that everyone can have, and the source where we let everybody know how they can connect with it.

The Global Woman community now has a bigger vision and goal, to connect the local with the global and to make every woman believe in big dreams. The dreams that can always come true, no matter how late, no matter how far, no matter the circumstances, or what kind of background you come from, you always have an opportunity, an opportunity that you can bring to yourself.

I would like to share my story with you in a very short way. I arrived in London six years ago with only one handbag. No connections, no idea where to start, no plans, but I had a big belief in myself, because I knew at the moment I decided to follow my call, my invisible forces would encourage me to dare, to not let me down. The secret is that you have to believe in that, you have to be loyal to that, to make sure that the calls comes to you.

If you are a woman that has lost your dreams, lost your motivation, your inspiring ideas that you had before, and you don’t feel the drive that you used to have before, I would like to invite you to join our Global Woman community, because you will not only resonate with my own story but with the stories of many women who are part of this movement, and we are lifting each other up and we are encouraging each other to go back to their dream, to go back to their stories, to be picked up again and start featuring everything that has been lost or has been in a sleeping mode.

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We really believe that women have a big driving force to give back to the community and to the world and we don’t want to leave it in a sleeping zone. That is why I have seen it in myself, I have seen it in many soul sisters that are joining to this movement, and I would humbly invite you to be with us, to join and to encourage us, and make your dream even bigger because the opportunities here are unlimited.

The next Global Woman event is on Sunday 5th August, where we start with the Global Woman membership for a breakfast meeting but everybody is welcome. After that, we are providing a Mastermind Class that it is a full day of content, and it is free to attend.

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On 5th August, if you want to reawaken your dreams, and if you have a curiosity about this Global Woman community that is going viral everywhere, where every week there is something happening in a corner of the globe, please join us. We will help you to connect you with your dreams and the way that you can tap into your feminine forces. Join us on the 5th August and you will not regret it, you will start a new chapter, a new beginning in life, the life that you deserve!

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