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7 Bullshit reasons not to join Global Woman Club- Interview with Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner, .

Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner, our regional directors for Global Woman Frankfurt pointing out the “7 bullshit reasons NOT to join Global Woman Club”. They address all arguments why women should join us and discover they are incredible. Global Woman Club is an opportunity for women to discover the optimal version of themselves and connect […]

An interview with Gun Britt Bolin

Gun Britt Bolin a certified coach and speaker shares with Global Woman Talk Show her #trasformationalstory to encourage other women go forward! An interview not to be missed!

Ellen Bjerkehag and her guest Alexandra Pascalidou- Interview with journalist and author

Global Woman Show with Ellen Bjerkehag and her guest Alexandra Pascalidou – She is a Swedish-Greek author, journalist, TV and radio host, producer and goodwill ambassador. Alexandra has been working at Swedish and Greek TV, doing documentaries, presenting from the Eurovision Song Contest, the Olympic Games 2004, interviewing from prime ministers to homeless beggars in […]

Friday 20.00 (UK TIME) Global Woman Talk Show.

Friday 20.00 (UK TIME) Global Woman Talk Show.

Global Woman

Many women that we have invited to be part of our show have shared their success stories but in the same time have been very open and honest to confess their hardships as well. Difficulties don’t come in our life to destroy us, but to help us realize our hidden potential. This show is a […]

Global Woman

For more than two months, since we started the global woman talk show we have shared with you many inspirational stories of women who come from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities – their presence is truly global. Some of the guests have been interviewed in our studio and some other women we met while travelling […]


Hello friends, we hope you are enjoying the summer time and having a break from the intensive work and everyday life. Especially if you are a woman I know what it means to find some space for yourself and use it for your creativity and reconnection with your higher self which will help you to […]

Global Woman Club with Lilli Rohde – Interview with Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis.

Global Woman Summit was an improvised studio for interviews with different celebrities that stepped off the stage directly to our studio to share with us their words of wisdom! Lilli Rohde is interviewing the amazing speaker of the business panel Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis. The great news is that she will be the Director of the […]

Global Woman Club with Lilli Rohde – Interview with Harry Singha

Global Woman Talk Show starts tonight with a man, a special guest who was the MC of the Global Woman Summit 2019. He is interviewed by Lilli Rohde the Director of Global Woman Club Frankfurt. His interview is so inspirational and he gives some important tips on starting a business and shares with us how […]