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Global Woman TV show with Mirela Sula

Today’s show will share with you two amazing interviews with very different guests, in some ways, yet sharing more in common than first meets the eye. The legendary Les Brown, international motivational speaker and star billing to many packed venues throughout the world, shares revealing insights never revealed before on the stage. Lisa Hawkyard, Mindset Coach […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Richard Rathwel

????In this show with Mirela Sula we bring live Richard Rathwell writer, academic and advocate of women’s rights. ????After the interview with him follows another interview with Stella Bida, our Global Woman Club Director in Brussels! ????

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Keith Doyle

Giovana Vega – Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam interview Keith Doyle, the broadcast journalist for BBC. He shared with us his expertise in distilling complex issues and stories to make them interesting and accessible to target audiences.

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Natashas, Natasha Waldron

Tonight’s Global Woman TV Show is on air with Mirela Sula’s two very special guests, two Natashas, Natasha Waldron Founder of U.K G Lifestyle and the CO Owner of Crafty Arts and the just announced Director of Global Woman Club City London Natasha Necati Coming out of their comfort zones they have achieved miracles and […]

Global Woman Show with Shuntella Richardson – Interview with Melody Garcia

Global Woman Summit was an improvised studio for interviews with different celebrities that stepped off the stage directly to our studio to share with us their words of wisdom! From the life of comfort to the life of struggle! Live from Global Woman Summit 2019 in London with Shuntella Richardson interviewing Melody Garcia who shares […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Ian Turner

It’s really an honour  to have with us Ian Turner the great commentator of the  Royal Family  who is so excited to share with #GlobalWomanTalkShow what  Royal Women  are doing around the world…. Especially who? This is a surprise Watch the interview to learn more….

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Sami Zeidan

As we have entered a New Year, many people try to work with the New Year’s resolutions! Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life, setting goals and intentions to create new healthy habits? Little changes in our daily routine can make the difference, can affect the quality of our life and […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with John Macgregor

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula and her guest John Macgregor, Founder & CEO at ThrivePath.

Global Woman Show with Ellen Bjerkehag – Interview with Sky Andrew

GLOBAL WOMAN TV SHOW LIVE FROM GLOBAL WOMAN SUMMIT 2019 Ellen Bjerkehag gives the microphone this time to a man who was part of the millionaire panel in Global Woman Summit 2019. She interviews Sky Andrew an entertainment and sports agent. Sky talks about creating a greenhouse and finding the right environment and people for […]