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Global Woman TV show with Mirela Sula

Today’s show will share with you two amazing interviews with very different guests, in some ways, yet sharing more in common than first meets the eye. The legendary Les Brown, international motivational speaker and star billing to many packed venues throughout the world, shares revealing insights never revealed before on the stage. Lisa Hawkyard, Mindset Coach […]

Never give up”The best 3 powerful words from Elisa Card Founder of Happy2Succeed

“Gratitude brings wonders in your life” Elisa Card Global Woman Talk Show brings exclusively for you an amazing interview with one of the speakers of the 1st Anniversary of Global Woman Club Amsterdam Elisa Card She is a successful women empowering coach and she calls herself Soul Happiness Maker. Are you wondering what the secret of True happiness is? […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Chrissy Boodram

The great Ervin László – Philosopher of science, Systems theorist and Chrissy Boodram -Television Presenter are our guests in this week’s show! Empowering messages for women, pearls of wisdom to encourage self-empowerment, self worth, self love, self respect etc.

7 Bullshit reasons not to join Global Woman Club- Interview with Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner, .

Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner, our regional directors for Global Woman Frankfurt pointing out the “7 bullshit reasons NOT to join Global Woman Club”. They address all arguments why women should join us and discover they are incredible. Global Woman Club is an opportunity for women to discover the optimal version of themselves and connect […]

Global Woman Club with Lilli Rohde – Interview with Harry Singha

Global Woman Talk Show starts tonight with a man, a special guest who was the MC of the Global Woman Summit 2019. He is interviewed by Lilli Rohde the Director of Global Woman Club Frankfurt. His interview is so inspirational and he gives some important tips on starting a business and shares with us how […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Bianca Miller-Cole

Global Woman TV Show brings the exclusive interview with the amazing and inspirational Bianca Miller – Cole! She is so excited to share with us her #experience and some big #challenges and secrets about women growing in business and in self development! Her #mission is to help people and she does it with passion! Do […]

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Ana Weber

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega and her guest Ana Weber- Speaker, Author & Visionary. Founder of the DOXA Method and 360 Degrees of Success Course.An interesting, inspiring interview comes from the brilliant speaker Ana Weber in #TheBusinessWomanTodayForum 2019 last month.

Global Woman Show with Ellen Bjerkehag – Interview with Tonny Robbins

On air from the Global Woman Summit 2019 with the Director of Global Woman Club Stockholm Ellen Bierkenhag interviewing a very good supporter of Global Woman & a very good friend of Mirela, how they all call the “Tonny Robbins” of Albania, the millionaire Vasil Naci! He was part of the millionaire man panel in […]

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Elena Cardone

Global Woman Summit was an improvised studio for interviews with different celebrities that stepped off the stage directly to our studio to share with us their words of wisdom! Words of wisdom & golden advice comes from Elena Cardone who was the keynote speaker in the Global Woman Summit 2019 She is interviewed by Giovana […]