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Global Woman TV show with Mirela Sula

Today’s show will share with you two amazing interviews with very different guests, in some ways, yet sharing more in common than first meets the eye. The legendary Les Brown, international motivational speaker and star billing to many packed venues throughout the world, shares revealing insights never revealed before on the stage. Lisa Hawkyard, Mindset Coach […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Iris Rathwell

Interesting topics in Global Woman Talk Show with our special guest, the famous Child Psychiatrist in London but not only, Iris Carcani-Rathwell! For the first time in our Talk Show, a famous Albanian Woman, living in London! Her #life and #career journey in #childmentalhealth in #London, talking about different stages of people’s life and what a #mother needs […]

Never give up”The best 3 powerful words from Elisa Card Founder of Happy2Succeed

“Gratitude brings wonders in your life” Elisa Card Global Woman Talk Show brings exclusively for you an amazing interview with one of the speakers of the 1st Anniversary of Global Woman Club Amsterdam Elisa Card She is a successful women empowering coach and she calls herself Soul Happiness Maker. Are you wondering what the secret of True happiness is? […]

Global Woman Show with Karmin Meckael – Interview with George Caceres

This is a special episode of Global Woman Talk Show with Karmin Meckael the Director of Global Woman Club London interviewing George Caceres who is famous in making stars globally! He thinks that everything happens for a reason and he is aligned with the mission of Global Woman. 🌟”Everyone is a star, we all have […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Christina Mascarreras And Chloe Bisson

Global Woman TV SHOW comes live this time from the BBC STUDIO with one of the special episodes of Media Training and with two amazing interviews of two super special ladies. ✔Mirela’s special guests are Christina Mascarreras the Founder of Feng Shui and Chloe Bisson a happy woman that has built her empire as an […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Zeidan Sami

🔊🎤An amazing interview with a famous journalist, a big personality of TV in Al Jazeera English #ZeidanSami a special guest in #GlobalWomanTalkShow hosted by Mirela Sula! 👒Are you interested to be featured on the show? 👉Please email us at Don’t forget to join us on the 3rd March with more than 200 women entrepreneurs coming from all […]

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Julia Barry

Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula and Julia Barry,.Julia had a 30 year career at the BBC, developing on-screen talent on some of the channel’s flagship shows. If you are interested to learn how to be in the #media and grow your personal brand we still have a few places left for ‪#28thMay.‬ 🌟 Book […]

Global Woman Show with Connie Lee Bennet – Interview with Julia Barry And Keith Doyle

Global Woman Summit was an improvised studio for interviews with different celebrities that stepped off the stage directly to our studio to share with us their words of wisdom! Connie Lee Bennet is interviewing 2 incredible people that are always on Tv, 2 famous BBC journalists that we have seen with Mirela Sula and other […]