Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Veronica Tan!

Tonight’s Global Woman TV SHOW is on air from the Global Woman Summit 2019 improvised studio with 5 inspirational interviews from successful people just stepping off the stage of this super event!

Giovana Vega is delighted and has the honor and the great opportunity to interview the Queen of Success Resources Veronica Tan! Listen to her amazing words and tips on how to be leaders in your field of expertise and get motivated and inspired!

Connie Lee Bennet is interviewing 2 incredible people that are always on Tv, 2 famous BBC journalists that we have seen with Mirela Sula and other Women in the Media Training very often! Their face is so familiar to you and they share with us how is life behind the cameras and share the message and some tips on how to increase the number of women in Media and engage them more in the Media World!

Micaela Passeri is interviewing the amazing woman that was part of the leadership panel Nyasha Gwaditzo. Listen to her inspiring interview on what leadership challenges women face and what her project for African women entrepreneurs is!

Shuntella Richardson is interviewing live in Global Woman Summit 2019 an important man in the financial world, Michael Mathews He shares with us what he just shared on stage about finance world, how he got started and he talks about his passion behind finances!

The last interview of this edition comes live from Stella Bida interviewing Arjodita Mustali, a powerful woman with global audience. Leadership is her passion and she just stepped off the leadership panel!

Enjoy tonight’s show and join Mirela Sula and Global Woman Directors and other successful international women in the next journey of success in Albania????????and create some important connections, have a wonderful time, embrace your power and learn how to transform your life!

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