Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula’s – Interview with Julia Barry and Tamsin Smith

Global Woman Talk Show comes with a completely new format and has moved to a new level. Mirela Sula’s guests are two iconic women with a long and successful career in the BBC world! Julia Barry and Tamsin Smith are the best example of “Women can have it all”. They talked about finding other perspectives on how women can have it all, sharing their challenging stories that have stayed for so long with them and giving advice for women in their career, how they can stand in their power, and how it is easier for men to have it all. We also interview three other successful women, three role models and mothers at the same time. -Linda Attram – Entrepreneur and Founder of Inspiring Mothers in Business. -Anna – Karin Horneij- Inspirational speaker and a business woman in Sweden. -Arjodita Raboshta -Business Woman ✅Are you interested to join our TV show next time and be our guest in the BBC studio being interviewed by Mirela Sula and learning from the best BBC journalist?

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