Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Special guests

💫☀️2018 has been super #busy traveling around the #world and very proud to be in 24 #countries with hundreds of successful #events, #books published, different #interviews in the one and only TV Show dedicated #exclusively for women and our #leaders of the clubs around the #world 🌎
#GlobalWomanTalkShow, 3 successful magazines Global Woman Magazine Global Man MagazineLondon Business Magazine, Business Forums, Summits, MasterMinds with the most powerful and famous mentors in the world and many, many more events and activities….

☀️♥️We have been growing and learning together for another successful year! 💞

🙏A massive #thankyou goes to all the #women that support our #vision to empower women globally, to our #clubdirectors around the world, to the team of Global Woman Club and to many many people that support us as a Club🙏

🎙🎞We have recorded a very special video putting a short summary of some of the interviews of our special guests in #GlobalWomanTalkShow
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