Global Woman Show with Mirela Sula – Interview with Monique Dekker

“If you could not lead yourself, you can’t lead others”
An amazing interview just before the New Year in #GlobalWomanTalkShow!
Monique Dekker the owner of “Total Presence Academy is a very special woman, an expert in leadership and her life has been an incredible journey.
She travelled from Holland to share with us her life journey, her dreams, her challenges in her new life in a very young age, her relationship with her grandfather, her mother and father and how she was bullied during her school years!
Who was her role model?
Who helped her to achieve her dreams?
Which is the story hidden after the passion for shoes?
Writing her first book “ Yourself in Leadership” was an incredible experience for her. She describes it as a writing therapy. It was interesting the way she explains how when she was 8 years old she experienced self leadership and she realized that only when she wrote the book and brought back all her memories!
“Prepare for the best,make plans for the worst and prepare to be surprised”
Watch the interview to learn more about Monique’s life and her tips on how to be the leader of yourself!
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