Global Woman Talk Show With Giovana Vega

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Ichel Heerschop-Cecilia

Global Woman Talk Show comes this time with an #inspiringconversation with our special guest Ichel Heerschop ! She is the founder of “Business Mom International”, a company based in Holland that teaches mothers how to pursue their passion and use their talents to grow and flourish in their business and personal lives. By empowering mothers […]

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Monique Dekker

Global Woman is growing so fast and now we have two Clubs in the #Netherlands. The two directors Giovana Vega, Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam and Monique Dekker, Director of Global Woman Evening Club in the city of The #Hague, are sharing with us very useful advice about #leadership and #business.   (Visited 7 […]

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Janine Van Throo

An interview with Janine Van Throo a multiple entrepreneur sharing with Global Woman Talk Show her great experince she had being part of the great project “Awaken the Lioness Within” ”Happiness and success is about helping others” is her message. Enjoy her interview with Giovana Vega! (Visited 12 times, 2 visits today)

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Sylvia Mattens

The superwoman, independent, strong woman Sylvia Mattens shares her knowledge with Global Woman Talk Show  in an exclusive interview from Giovana Vega. She is excited  to have been a speaker in Global Woman Club Amsterdam and a participant  of the book project of Global Woman Club Amsterdam “Awaken the Lioness Within” Enjoy the interview with the Leadership Development Strategist and Inspirational […]

Global Woman Show with Giovana Vega – Interview with Sandra Bonestroo

Sandra Bonestroo a Motivational Inspirator is feeling so excited to be sharing her experience of being one of the speakers of Global Woman Club Amsterdam 1st Anniversary with Global Woman Talk Show! Whatever you are dreaming,do it…JUST DO IT  This is what she believes in! (Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)

Never give up”The best 3 powerful words from Elisa Card Founder of Happy2Succeed

“Gratitude brings wonders in your life” Elisa Card Global Woman Talk Show brings exclusively for you an amazing interview with one of the speakers of the 1st Anniversary of Global Woman Club Amsterdam Elisa Card She is a successful women empowering coach and she calls herself Soul Happiness Maker. Are you wondering what the secret of True happiness is? […]